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There are many factors for you to consider when starting or improving your deer herd. We strive to provide our customers with good old fashion customer service. We DNA test 100% of our deer, employ excellent record keeping practices, surround ourselves with knowledgeable professionals that bring years of experience to the table and take advantage of as many technological advances that we can put our hands on. We will continue to provide our deer with the best and least stressful environment and handling techniques that we can, the best nutrition, the best AI methods and veterinary care, and the best and most up to date husbandry practices.

Nooner Whitetails

Triple JJJ Ranch

Lee Wheeler


Dugger Ranch

Longneck Ranch

Dugger Ranch


Morgan Ranch

Tipps 5T Ranch

Tipps 5T Ranch


Nooner Whitetails

Wilson Whitetail Ranch

W7 Whitetails


Cox Whitetails

High Roller Whitetails

Texas Whitetails Breeders


Winn Whitetails

T3 Whitetails

The Non Typical Ranch



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