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Waring Whitetails was established in 2008 on the McMarr Ranch in Kendall County, less than a mile from Waring, TX. McMarr Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch used primarily for cattle, farming, hunting and recreation. We started Waring Whitetails because we love deer. We love hunting deer, managing deer, watching deer, photographing deer, video-taping deer, etc. However, we were not experts on raising deer. So, we hired Artemis Outdoors to assist us. They helped us design and construct our deer pens and deer handling facility. Artemis Outdoors also assisted us in choosing our breeder does, cover bucks and AI sires. We chose to invest in some of the highest quality animals at the outset of our project, and our breeding choices included high demand semen to increase the marketability of our deer.

The lap AI program and animal husbandry practices that we have chosen to use have been very successful. The pen and handling facility design allows us to move deer and work deer very easily and with very little stress to the deer. We experience very good AI conception rates on an annual basis and have very low fawn mortality.


The day to day management and care of the deer is the responsibility of Larry Knappick, who is also the ranch manager for the McMarr Ranch. Larry and his wife Faye live on the ranch and enjoy spending time with BOS and his friends. With the help of our ranch hand James Russell, Larry and Faye do a wonderful job closely monitoring the health and well-being of the deer on a daily basis.


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